Sticker Pack Kaaitjie Van Die Baan
Sticker Pack Kaaitjie Van Die Baan
Sticker Pack Kaaitjie Van Die Baan
Sticker Pack Kaaitjie Van Die Baan

Sticker Pack Kaaitjie Van Die Baan

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Introducing the "Sticker Fiesta" Mini Pack, where whimsy and quirkiness collide to bring you a triple dose of sticker awesomeness! Let's dive into each mini sticker and unleash the fun:

  1. "Kaaitjie Van Die Baan" Mini Sticker: Buckle up for a wild ride with this sticker! "Kaaitjie Van Die Baan" is your ultimate companion for epic adventures. It's like having a little road trip buddy, ready to add a splash of color and excitement to your world. Stick it on your gear, and let the good times roll!

  2. "Ja, Nee Vok" Mini Sticker: This sticker is the master of all responses, delivering a punch of hilarity in just three little words. "Ja, Nee Vok" captures the essence of playful banter, the unexpected twist in conversation, and the art of responding with a delightful mix of agreement and cheekiness. It's the perfect conversation starter that will leave everyone smiling and chuckling.

  3. "Don't Be Doos, Be Lekker" Mini Sticker: Time to upgrade your vibes with this sticker that exudes pure positive energy! "Don't Be Doos, Be Lekker" is your personal cheerleader, reminding you to ditch the negativity and embrace the awesomeness of life. Stick it on your belongings as a daily dose of inspiration, a gentle nudge to choose joy, and a delightful reminder to radiate good vibes wherever you go.

With the "Sticker Fiesta" Mini Pack, you get three individual stickers that bring endless possibilities for self-expression, laughter, and spreading good vibes. Slap them on your favorite items, share them with friends, or create a sticker collage that bursts with personality. Get ready to turn heads, spark conversations, and dive into a world where fun knows no limits!

Note: Each sticker in the pack is mini-sized for maximum cuteness and versatility. So go ahead, get your groove on, and let the sticker fiesta begin!


Kaaitjie Van Die Baan Mini Sticker

Ja, Nee Vok Mini Sticker

Don't Be Doos, Be Lekker Mini Sticker

3 Individual Stickers inside

Size: 7x5.5cm & 6.5x4.5cm & 5x4.5cm

Made Somewhere in Cape Town