PRESENTspace is a local collective that features a hand-selected vitrine of South Africa's most inspired creations. The store’s carefully curated collection of accessories, gifts, jewellery, stationery and homeware are sourced from over 80 different designers, makers and small businesses and serves to showcase these talented individuals' finest work.
Celebrating our 7th Birthday as Brick and Mortar store, we are proud to announce the  opening of our online collective store - here you can shop various local brands, all shipped form one location - meaning no more individual shipping costs whilst supporting small local businesses.
Unfortunately due to the impact of covid 19, we unfortunately had to close our permanent store and pop up shops, but it is just temporary and we will open another pop up in 2021.
Lolla Orchard (owner, proprietor and Chief Inspiration Ninja) believes that the success of the business can be attributed to a combination of great products and great relationships. "From the outset, PRESENTspace was set up to work for and with our Brands. Our passion is building brands and showcasing them to public so the designers can do what they do best... Design and Create. We have been the first offset point for many well know local brands and man are we proud of that.
Our product selection will be changing daily so check back in regularly or even better, subscribe to our mailing list where we will send out specials and updates monthly.
Any questions or feedback, get in touch: info@PRESENTspace.co.za