Sticker Pack Don't Be A Dick
Sticker Pack Don't Be A Dick
Sticker Pack Don't Be A Dick
Sticker Pack Don't Be A Dick

Sticker Pack Don't Be A Dick

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Introducing the "Don't Be A Dick" Sticker Pack – a playful collection that encourages kindness, embraces quirkiness, and adds a dash of humor to your day! Let's dive into each mini sticker and spread the good vibes:

1. "Don't Be A Dick" Mini Sticker:
This sticker is your gentle reminder to be awesome and treat others with respect. It's a playful nudge to embrace kindness, leave negativity at the door, and create a world where everyone feels appreciated. Stick it on your belongings, and let it serve as a daily dose of inspiration to be the best version of yourself and spread positivity wherever you go.

2. "Socially Awkward" Mini Sticker:
Embrace your quirks and wear them proudly with this sticker that celebrates the wonderfully awkward moments of life. It's a lighthearted invitation to own your uniqueness, laugh at the occasional blunders, and connect with others through shared experiences. Stick it on your laptop, water bottle, or anywhere that needs a touch of awkward charm, and let it spark conversations and giggles along the way.

With the "Don't Be A Dick" Sticker Pack, you receive two mini-sized stickers that pack a punch of fun and wisdom. Stick them on your favorite items, share them with friends, or gift them to someone who needs a gentle reminder to spread kindness. Let's create a world where being awesome is the norm and where laughter is the universal language.

Note: Each sticker in the pack is mini-sized for maximum versatility and cuteness. So let's join forces, leave dick-ish behavior behind, and celebrate our quirks together. Because life is too short to be a dick – let's make it a fabulous, kind, and delightfully awkward adventure!

Don't Be A Dick Mini Sticker

Socially Awkward Mini Sticker

2 Individual Stickers inside

Size: 8x5.5cm and 6.5x4cm

Made Somewhere in Cape Town