Helen Andrews founded White Rabbit Days in 2011. In the past, while studying visual communication at Stellenbosch, she had always magpie’d towards the jewellery studio, fascinated by the shiny, decorative elements and frustrated at not having full access to that world of metal and gems. The passion remains and, out of necessity, she created a way to make interesting pieces without any formal jewellery training.

Helen started making lace earrings while freelancing as a graphic designer and found the shift from 2D design to making actual products immensely satisfying. With a limited supply of lace and a constant need for change, the range has moved into laser-cut leather designs and a bold series of metal designs.

White Rabbit Days as a passion project gradually turned into a business, growing slowly to ensure the right production processes, organically to respond to the market and sustainably to guarantee longevity. All the products are designed and made in Cape Town and we now have a team of makers who are the talent and energy behind White Rabbit Days.