Wall Tile Stickers Marrakesh 15x15cm
Wall Tile Stickers Marrakesh 15x15cm
Wall Tile Stickers Marrakesh 15x15cm

Wall Tile Stickers Marrakesh 15x15cm

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Change the look and feel of your home with easy, commitment-free stick-on patterns.

Easy-to-apply DIY stickers for tiles, walls, glass or any smooth surface in need of a new look.

Suitable for both kitchen and bathroom environments (as long as the area it is kept relatively dry). Let your imagination run wild and create your own customised design by juxtaposing stickers or combining our various wall-tile-sticker packs. Cut these sticker tiles into any shape you like, and create your own decals, which you can stick down onto any smooth surface: your kitchen- or bathroom splash back; an empty space on your wall; under your staircase or on your windowsills; or why not decorate anything from notebooks, furniture, windows or even recycling bins? The applications are limitless!

There are 20 stickers in a pack with various designs. Experiment with how to combine the patterns to create your own customised style.

Great for DIY or can be purchased as gifts.

Number of tile stickers per box: 20

Each sticker: 150 x 150 mm

Total area coverage in box: 75 x 60 cm