Earrings Double Sided Triangle V Gold Plated

Earrings Double Sided Triangle V Gold Plated

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Spanish walk and Extension Double Sided Earrings

 Triangle stud top with "V" Shape backs these are Double Sided Earrings made with Sterling Silver Square Bar. 

How to put them on: Put the Stud post through the ear then put on the back piece behind the ear before the butterfly.

This earring’s name is inspired The Spanish walk, a trained movement performed by a horse. While at a walk, as the horse raises each foreleg off the ground, it lifts the leg in an exaggerated upward and forward manner. Creating triangle V like shapes with its front legs. The Back V shape is named after the Extension – The horse extends his legs as far as possible creating V like triangle shapes with his legs, he then covers as much ground as possible within a given gait.

Sterling Silver Gold plated

Size: Height  2.0cm  Width  1,0cm